Your English 04 "My Family" (Free script)

Here is a podcast for pre-intermediate or intermediate ESL/EFL students who need to practice basic spoken English. There are podcasts in this series for higher levels too.

"Your English" podcasts can be used together with "QualityTime-ESL Podcasts" (also on iTunes) and "5 Minute TOPs". I hope you enjoy them. If you work regularly I guarantee, you will progress!

Best wishes,


Your English 4 "My Family"


MP3 - 10.8 Mb
Your English 04 My Family

Script in PDF:

PDF - 182.5 kb
Your English 04 "My Family"

To get the scripts of the all the recordings in word and PDF} go to DVDs (Book-Podcasts-Film)}.

To get the scripts of the all the recordings} go to DVDs (Book-Podcasts-Film)}.

For advice about use of scripts for pair work in class, see Your English No. 1 and sample script.

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Attached documents

Your English 01 Introducing Myself

1 February 2011
info document : PDF
181.1 kb

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