Free Download of Chapters from the Digital Resource Book

Here are PDF files corresponding to the 1st part of the book "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource" by Marianne Raynaud that you can download free of charge.

Please note that the hyperlinks won’t work with these files. That is why it is better to purchase the DVD or the lighter downloadable version. The advantage of the digital resource book is twofold:

  • The hyperlinks will allow you to quickly access the files referred to in the chapters
  • There is a Document Annex with hundreds of oral and written activities, worksheets, keys, debate subjects, examples of student work, films (only on the DVD)
  • Modifiable files (in Word/DOC format) will allow you to customize certain files

To purchase the DVD or Download click here.

You can also read directly the original interviews the book was based on.

For a free download of the chapters in PDF click on the icons below.

Please note that the hyperlinks won’t work with these files as they are in PDF and the Document Annex cannot be connected.

A. Cover

PDF - 48.6 kb
QT-ESL Cover

B. Acknowledgments

PDF - 76.5 kb
QT-ESL Acknowledgments

C. Table of Contents

PDF - 69.7 kb
QT-ESL Table of Contents

I. Testimonials

PDF - 73.1 kb
QT-ESL Testimonials

II. Document Annex

PDF - 183.5 kb
QT-ESL Document Annex

III. Introduction

PDF - 133.8 kb
QT-ESL Introduction

01. My Philosophy

PDF - 114.9 kb
QT-ESL My Philosophy

02. Key to Success

PDF - 163.9 kb
QT-ESL Key to Success

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