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For a list of all the articles go to the Site Map at the top of the home page.

Do a search on the Site Map page for what interests you. On a PC press Control + F. On a Mac press Command (Apple sign) + F. A window will appear at the bottom of the page in the left-hand corner. Type in a key word. The link in green on the Site Map page will take you directly to the article on the subject you requested.

For free podcasts with oral interactive drills accompanied by scripts and worksheets:

  • 5 Minute Tops are oral exercises based on well-known song lyrics or quotes.

For song clips with subtitles in English (many with worksheets):

You have several different pages to choose from:

To try some exercises from our book you have several possibilities.

More information about QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book

Listening Comprehension recordings with both continuous and listen & repeat parts:

More links to downloadable samples from the book

More information about QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book

Sample Materials to Organize and Start Off a Course as listed below

  • A Core Curriculum (syllabus)
  • Modifiable Calendars
  • Ways of determining the "participation" grade
  • A Number Exercise
  • A Spelling Exercise
  • A Review of Frequent Mistakes to be avoided by French-speaking students—in QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book the MS Word file allows you convert this useful exercise to be used with different native languages
  • Socializing (a group activity)
  • A Poem with "Make" & "Do"
  • Time, Currencies and Alphabet Practice

For the above sample materials click on this link.

Additional Sample Materials

Pair work activities with worksheets:

  • Nationalities
  • Prepositions

Suggested Study Plan for Day 1 with the following:

  • Introductions (an assignment to do a short presentation)
  • Spelling pair work exercise with worksheet
  • Socializing (small group exercise) - explanations and worksheet
  • Developing Skillls Drills 3&7-Worksheet to use with the book by L.G. Alexander
  • "Honesty is the Best Policy" Listening Comprehension Worksheet with a Continuous and a Listen & Repeat version of the recording

Numerous poems to learn the difference Between "Make"& "Do"


QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book available on a DVD €29 and in a lighter downloadable version for €14.99.

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