"QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book" (Download Version)

QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book is now available in a downloadable version (a zip file of 184 MB - 230 MB when unzipped).

You will get over 3,000 pages (2,000 files) transferred to your desktop in just a few minutes for €14.99 - secure payment through PayPal at our store. You will receive two emails. The 2nd one contains a link, which is valid for a few days—see the date given in the email.

We have put together this version so that students and teachers all over the world can make use of these vast resources.

This digital resource book is designed to help students get ahead and teachers get started organizing a very effective course of their own. There are…

  • More than twenty chapters of advice and explanations
  • A Document Annex with hundreds of exercises, keys and activities
  • Numerous examples of student work (CVs, essays, review sheets, surveys, letters, talk outlines, PowerPoints and much more).
  • A 25-page booklet for pair work ready to print with all the keys and instructions for both teachers and students.

We have also included scripts and worksheets for many episodes of our podcasts that you can find on iTunes.

  • QualityTime-ESL Podcasts (1-20)
  • Your English (1-20)
  • 5-Minute TOPs (1-10)

All this is available as a zip download of 184 MB. Downloading time depends on your Internet connection but should be between 5 and 15 minutes.

We have included in this digital book most of the files that we used in our two-year intensive course. You will find there is ample enough material for even four years of study!

Most of the files in this downloadable version come in DOC. These DOC files (.doc) can be opened with either the MAC or PC versions of MS Word and also with OpenOffice or LibreOffice (both free word processing software programs found on the Internet).

The DOC files will enable you to modify the wording, font, letter size and page numbers as well as add words, pictures or decoration.

Some files (the very dense ones) come in PDF (.pdf). These PDF files can be printed with whatever software you are using on your computer, as PDF files work with Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Web.

The DOC files can be used as they are or as templates for teachers to make up similar exercises or activities.

There are many advantages to using templates such as ours:

  • No need to retype the material if you wish to make changes. (Optimal layout is offered, but adjustments might be needed depending on the word processing software you are using.)
  • Possibility of adding translations or modifying exercises to suit the native language of your students.
  • Calendars and sign up sheets come as tables that you can modify, update and personalize.
  • Recordings can be edited using Audacity software, which is free on the Internet.

Please note that there are no audio or video files in the downloadable version of QT-ESL (due to the size of the files). But many of the audio files corresponding to the worksheets can be downloaded free of charge from this website (www.qualitytime-esl.com). The DVD version contains numerous audio files plus films made by students and video clips showing students interacting using QualityTime-ESL material and techniques. If you have purchased the downloadable version, you can choose the option "DVD" later on at a reduced price.

  • Our keys look the same as the exercises, so students will quickly be able to correct them on their own using pair work techniques. Don’t give the keys to your students—only lend them out. By putting them in plastic sleeves you will be able to use them for all your classes over many years.
  • Most exercises and activities already have page numbers (which you can modify).
  • If you find a mistake (typos are inevitable with so many pages—more than 3,000!), you can easily correct it.
  • To help you produce booklets, we have included suggested covers and tables of contents.

Marianne Raynaud

To order “QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book” for the special, introductory price of €14.99 (safe payments through PayPal) and get a link to the download just go to the store.

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