Your English 45 Poem: A Reason For Living

I wrote this poem to encourage people to live peacefully together and share the fabulous resources of our planet. There is both a continuous reading and a listen & repeat sequence. I have seen students improve their speaking skills dramatically by learning poems by heart. The rhymes make it easier for learners to memorize the lines.

As an activity, I ask students to learn a poem of their choice, either one of mine or one from the Internet that has rhymes. In class, the students recite to different partners or alone with the teacher in a short one-on-one session.
This poem is in fact my philosophy of life—in a few lines. So I have included the transcript in PDF below.

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Your English 45 Poem: "A Reason For Living"


MP3 - 7.2 Mb
Your English 45 Poem: A Reason For Living

Transcript in PDF

PDF - 199.1 kb
Your English 45 Poem: A Reason For Living

A free worksheet/exercise

PDF - 83 kb
Your English 45 Exerise: A Reason For Living

With the key

PDF - 83 kb
Your English 45 Key: A Reason For Living


The transcript in DOC format is also to be found in the pack of "Your English" scripts available in the store for a minimal fee.

You can also consult the transcript, worksheet, oral exercises, and keys in the downloadable version of QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book 2.0. They are among the 1,500 files available in this digital book.

For advice about the use of scripts for pairwork in class, see Your English No.1 and the sample script.

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