Your English 49 Inventing a Solar Pump (Part 1)

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This narrative is the story of a woman engineer who designed a solar-powered pump for a remote village in Africa where there was very little fresh water available. This lesson (in a series of timeless listening comprehensions) is intended to introduce a variety of subjects. In this case, it will be easy for teachers to evoke topics such as the scarcity of fresh water, solar power, helping Third World countries, the work of engineers and so on.

The grammatical purpose of this exercise is to have students work on the correct pronunciation of verbs in the simple past. We have used many of the verbs that appear in our verb chart and podcasts numbers 46 to 48. There are different listening sections with after every paragraph a listen-and-repeat section.

A useful chart is available on the page of Your English 46 Action Words For CVs.

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    Your English 49 Inventing a Solar Pump Part 1



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For advice about the use of scripts for pairwork in class, see Your English No.1 and the sample script.

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