QT-ESL 01 "To Be" - Basic Tenses

This is the first episode in our QT-ESL series. QualityTime podcasts are very easy to begin with but rapidly become much more challenging. The script and worksheet are provided in PDF. Just click on the icon to download the recording, worksheet or the script. I hope you enjoy this first episode.

If you purchase "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book" DVD or Download in our store you will get many of the scripts and worksheets in DOC. You will thus be able to customize them to suit your specific needs—lab work, workbooks, etc.

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QualityTime-ESL Podcast No. 1 - The Verb "To Be" - Basic Tenses


MP3 - 13.9 Mb
QT-ESL 01 "To Be" - Basic Tenses


PDF - 319.1 kb
QT-ESL 01 To Be - Basic Tenses


PDF - 74.6 kb
QT-ESL 01 To Be - Basic Tenses - Worksheet

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