Files for Mobile Devices

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We have just launched a series of PDF files for our podcasts available in our store. They will enable you to follow the script while you do the oral exercises. It is best to speak without having to look at the scripts, but the first time through or in case of difficulties we wish to avoid making our listeners feel frustrated.

These files are only in PDF so they can be downloaded directly onto all mobbile devices.

Test them to see how these files work

You can test the system by trying some files (for very easy lessons) that are free of charge:

  • Essential English Podcasts (for beginners) 1-11 in a single file for mobile devices
    PDF - 2.1 Mb
    Essential English Podcasts 01-11-scripts for mobile devices


  • QualityTime-ESL Podcasts (oral grammar) 1-5.2 in a single file for mobile devices
    PDF - 2.4 Mb
    QT-ESL 01-05.2 oral grammar and self-test for mobile devices

Different packs available for both students and teachers

Teachers can find other packs of files (worlkshheets, keys, pair work activities) in both PDF and DOC at the store . We charge minimum fees (to keep the site running), and you can of course share the files with friends or colleagues.

The important thing

The important thing is for learners to download the podcasts (free of charge) and actually “do” the exercises regularly in class, outside of class or simply on their own and preferably aloud or in a low voice. The scripts will help those who have difficulties as the podcasts quickly become far more challenging.

Downloading the MP3s

The quickest way to download the podcasts is to go to iTunes and type my name “Marianne Raynaud”. But you need an account with iTunes. If this is a problem you can download whatever you need from this site without even giving your email address—thus no spam. It takes a little longer, that’s all.

The Digital Resource Book - For Teachers

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We have also improved the two versions of the book, rewriting it and adding files.

So go to the store for more information.


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