QT-ESL 72 Phrasals Verbs - Take

Here we continue our study of "phrasal verbs". We plan to devote one or more episodes to each verb. These podcasts are intended for students with a good level of English as phrasal verbs can at times be tricky to learn.

Doing this oral work is obviously far more challenging than doing written exercises. QualityTime-ESL podcasts are intended for hard-working learners who really want to perfect their English.

If you find this podcast too difficult, we invite you to work on a few of our much earlier episodes in the series much earlier episodes in the series, which hopefully will be adapted to your needs. You may also wish to try our other series called "Your English" podcasts. with a variety of topics and exercises.

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The script and worksheet of this episode will soon be available in our store. Below you will find parts of the script.


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QT-ESL 72 Phrasals - Take

I hope you appreciate these podcasts that will enable you to be more fluent in English. To help us you can visit our store and pick up some of the packs that are sold at a minimal fee.

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A Sampling of Parts of the Podcast QT-ESL 70 Phrasal Verbs — Look

Hi there! I’m Marianne Raynaud. I want to help you perfect your spoken English. This series of podcasts is designed to help you master English grammar through oral practice. For work on vocabulary and pronunciation, go to our other series called “Your English”.

Phrasal verbs are ordinary verbs that are followed by one or two prepositions thus changing their original meaning. For example we all know the verb “take” which means among other definitions “using one’s hands to move something”. But “take after” means “to resemble” and “take up” means “to examine” or “to start”. With phrasal verbs we recommend that you study their meanings in your own language. Look them up in a dictionary or online and then memorize them. If you do this preliminary work, these exercises will become much easier.

Listen and repeat:

He talks like his father. He takes after his father.
They said I was stupid and took me for a fool.
When it’s too hot, take off your sweater.
A multinational took over his small firm.


Now in the next exercise listen to the sentence with the word “blank” in the place of the postposition, in other words the preposition following the phrasal verb, and then say the whole sentence correctly. Listen to the examples.

To practice some more I will say a sentence, which means the same as the sentence with the phrasal verb but contains another verb. You will say the sentence with “look” plus a position. Listen to the examples.

I say: He talks like his father. He takes BLANK his father.
You say: He talks like his father. He takes after his father.
I say: They said I was stupid and took me BLANK a fool.
You say: They said I was stupid and took me for a fool.

Now you go on in the same way. Be sure to speak before I give the answer.

I’m searching for my keys.
I’m looking for my keys.
Be careful! You could fall.
Look out! You could fall.

That was difficult I admit. Doing exercises orally is far more arduous than doing the same ones as written work. But let’s try the last five.

I bought a product I didn’t need, because I was deceived by the salesman.
I bought a product I didn’t need, because I was taken in by the salesman.
The new recruit has undertaken too much extra work.
The new recruit has taken on too much extra work.

Advice for students and teachers

For more oral practice try our other series Your English. In Your English we offer you a variety of exercises including a story entitled “Was It Love?” that will include more than 140 irregular verbs—all of them are important and will help you become an excellent English speaker. You can go to 5 Minute TOPs for fun with song lyrics and quotes.

P.S. If you are interested in my philosophy of teaching and wish to get a lot of effective exercises have a look at "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book" on a DVD available in our store. There is also a "lighter" downloadable version of "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book" available in our store. Both versions contain many of our podcast scripts and worksheets as well as over a thousand other DOC and PDF files to help teachers elaborate an effective program.

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