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"QualityTime-ESL" is a Digital Resource Book with hyperlinks to hundreds of Doc, PDF, MP3 and video files by Marianne Raynaud

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Remerciements ((Version en français) « QualityTime-ESL » le livre numérique pour le professeur d’anglais )

“QualityTime-ESL : Le livre numérique du professeur d’anglais}” - Remerciements

Advantages of the Digital ESL Resource Book (More on QT-ESL)

Marianne Raynaud has put together a “Digital ESL Resource Book” for English teachers and students on a DVD with numerous teaching materials, keys, recordings, PowerPoint presentations, films and even examples of student work.

The "QualityTime" Concept in ESL (More on QT-ESL)

The "QualityTime-ESL" way of teaching is explained through pictures i.e. a PowerPoint presentation. The concept is based on the idea of increasing the individual speaking time of learners through dynamic teaching materials, intensive pair work, one-to-one tutorials, thorough and stimulating lab programs, effective oral presentations and frequent oral evaluation.

More About this Digital Book (More on QT-ESL)

This "digital" book contains a series of conversations with Marianne Raynaud, former Professor at INPG now a consultant on intensive pair work, the use of Information Technology in ESL and the great advantages of teamwork. Hyperlinks go from the book to some of the 1,500 files offered in the Document Annex.

How the Hyperlinks Function ("Document Annex" of Digital Book)

Excerpts from the book "QualityTime-ESL.com":

To understand how the hyperlinks work, readers can start by looking at some examples of the material, which will be explained later on.

Making the Most of This Digital Resource Book (ESL) ("Document Annex" of Digital Book)

The "Document Annex" of the digital resource book "QualityTime-ESL" serves two purposes. Firstly, it gives the teacher the opportunity to see concrete examples of what I speak about in the different chapters. Secondly, it contributes to the main objective of this guidebook, which is to help teachers set up a language program of their own and produce the kind of "personalized booklets" or workbooks that I speak about.

Headings And Files ("Document Annex" of Digital Book)

All the written documents are in MS Word and PDF. They are in A4 format. The MS WORD files can be modified according to the needs and wishes of the teacher. The PDF files cannot be modified. They are either exercises and keys that do not need any "modifications" or they are "models" intended simply to illustrate a point found in the book/DVD "Quality Time-ESL".
The audio files are in mp3, the PowerPoints are .ppt and the video clips have been compressed in dvx.avi.

Effectiveness of QT-ESL Exercises (More on QT-ESL)

Marianne Raynaud explains why she believes her exercises to be truly effective.

From Penelope Moffatt (Colleagues’ Appreciation)

Penelope Moffatt, a former colleague of Marianne Raynaud speaks of all the things she learned from working with the latter.

From Anna Jeannesson (Colleagues’ Appreciation)

Anna Jeannesson considers Marianne Raynaud to be by far the most important influence in the way she teaches today and the main reason for her high marks at the CAPES teaching exam.

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