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Interviews with Marianne Raynaud

Marianne Raynaud speaks in these interviews about some of the main ideas in her book "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book": her philosophy of teaching correct English in the most effective way using both traditional methods and information technology. She emphasizes teamwork and curriculum writing, believes the student should be in the center of the lerning process and advocates methods that will help students formulate correct sentences when speaking English. She uses intensive pair work and a tutorial system for one-to-one sessions, i.. private sessions with the teacher. Her methods can be used for all levels and whatever type of teaching enviroment from high tech language labs to just ordinary classrooms.

Articles in this section

Interview 1: "My Philosophy, My Experience" (Interviews with Marianne Raynaud)

Marianne Raynaud speaks of her career both the mistakes at the beginning and the success that led to her philosophy about teaching ESL effectively using dynamic, personalised techniques..

Interview 2: "The Key to Success" (Interviews with Marianne Raynaud)

Marianne Raynaud explains "The Key to Success" in institutionalized language teaching, which for her lies in "teamwork" and a "core curriculum". It is the best way to make teaching truly satisfying for students and teachers alike. This is a chapter from Marianne Raynaud’s ESL digital resource book.

Interview 3: "A Real Lab Program" (Interviews with Marianne Raynaud)

Marianne Raynaud explains how to set up an effective "Lab Program" that students will enjoy and find beneficial.

Interview 4: "The Core Curriculum" (Interviews with Marianne Raynaud)

Marianne Raynaud explains how you set up a Core Curriculum or a common Syllabus for a team of teachers. It often takes many years to produce a satisfying core curriculum/syllabus but it is definitely worth the effort.This is a chapter from the ESL digital resource book "QualityTime-ESL.com".

Interview 5: "The Tutorial System" (Interviews with Marianne Raynaud)

Marianne Raynaud explains her "Tutorial System" in other words how by individualizing her teaching to suit the needs of each student she changed her life as a teacher!

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