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Sample Materials From The Book

Link to a complete list of free materials on the QT-ESL website

A selection of free samples from "QualityTime-ESL - The Digital Resource Book" in this section:

  • Listening comprehension exercises with keys,
  • A syllabus/core curriculum,
  • A sample study plan for "Day1"
  • A sample booklet for "Day1",
  • Poems with "Make and Do",
  • Currencies and Time Idioms"
  • Socializing
  • A calendar,
  • Participation grade explanations,
  • Pair work activities
    • alphabet,
    • spelling,
    • numbers,
    • grammar exercises ("A Review of Frequent Mistakes to be Avoided"

Select from the categories below:

[Advice for Finding Materials and Downloading Them>rub68]
Calendar and Sign-Up Sheets
Grammar and Vocabulary
Listening Comprehension
Oral Presentations
Poems to Learn the Difference Between "Make" & "Do"
Pronunciation Exercises
Starting a Course

Articles in this section

Poem No. 1 to Learn the Difference Between "Make" & "Do" (Poems to Learn the Difference Between "Make" & "Do")

Marianne Raynaud explains two techniques for teaching the difference between "Make"& "Do." Two poems are offered here. Additional ones with worksheets are found in the book.

Poem No. 2 to Learn the difference Between the Use of "Make" and "Do" (Poems to Learn the Difference Between "Make" & "Do")

Marianne Raynaud provides a poem for teaching the difference between "Make"& "D." ESL/EFL students memorize the different expressions and are then able to use them in spoken English.

Finding Free or Sample Materials (Sample Materials From The Book)

Help in navigating on the QualityTime-ESL website in order to find sample files to download free of charge.

Suggested Lesson Plan for Day 1 (Building a Course)

Advice and suggestions for an ESL course (English language learning program) with activities for pair-work and for an hour in the language lab (audio). Activities that work well even with heterogeneous groups going from weak intermediate to advanced learners. The emphasis is placed on "helping each other progress." If there is no a lab, students can do the "lab activities" in a computer lab, with MP3 players (iPods) with a CD player in class or just with the scripts in pair-work.

To Download ESL Samples (Sample Materials From The Book)

Simple instructions for downloading ESL teaching materials for 1st and 2nd year from the QualityTime-ESL web site.

Booklet for Day 1 - ESL course (Sample Materials From The Book)

By putting together the materials mentioned in "Study Plan for Day 1" and "Free 1st Year Materials" you can easily publish a short booklet for your students with 10, 20 pages And impress your students! Here is more advice on how to do it.

Silent Letters in English (Pronunciation)

This exercise on word stress will help ESL/EFL/ETL students to improve their pronunciation and be better understood by others.

Word Stress (Pronunciation)

This oral exercise will help you to pronounce the stressed syllables correctly in English. Kind regards, Marianne Word Stress Recording: Word Stress The script is to be found in "QualityTime-ESL - The Digital Resource Book" both in the downloadable version and the original version (...)

Letter -i- Pronunciation Guide (Pronunciation)

This exercise will help ESL/EFL/ETL students to improve their pronunciation and be better understood by others.

Giving a Thank You Speech (Oral Presentations)

It is a good idea to have students give a "thank you speech" after a talk by their classmates. The speakers sum up the talk they listened to and comment on what they learned. They are asked to mention the quality of the English during the talk and the interest of the follow-up activity (...)

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