For ESL/EFL Teachers—Starting the School Year or a New Term

One of the most important moments in an ESL course is the very first day. Preparing for that first day can be quite stressful. So this is what I recommend. Teachers should show their students a program of study they have planned. They should identify the goals of their teaching and explain to the students how they will be evaluated. It is best to give such information both orally in a brief presentation and in greater detail in writing.

A booklet for each student

That very first day is indeed crucial. I recommend you come with a booklet or a workbook for each student. Of course you can buy or have the students purchase such workbooks, but it is better still to come with your own booklet to show your students you have made up a program especially for them—even if it only 20 pages. And in this booklet you can identify the goals and explain the tests they will be taking.

Customizing booklets to suit the needs of your students

If you purchase the "The QualityTime-ESL Digital Resource Book"}, a teacher’s manuel o a DVD(€39), you will find many pages of exercises, activities, or instructions that you can customize to suit the needs of your students. You can work out a special calendar so that they can see how you have scheduled the course. You can write a syllabus/curriculum explaining what the activities will be focusing on. Using the DVD, it is easy to write instructions for your course mentioning your name, the name of your school, the number of hours planned for the course, etc. You can write spelling exercises with addresses that mean something to your students. All that is possible with the "The QualityTime-ESL Digital Resource Book" on a DVD}.

A few sample pages

On this site you can have a look at a few sample pages to make up booklets. Go to Booklet for Day 1 - ESL course}. Some of the documents on this site are in PDF so you have to use them as they are. They cannot be personalized like the pages of the DVD, many of which are in MS WORD.

Group work and intensive pair work

It is also a good idea for that first day to have a few activities that will get the students working in pairs or in groups. The first day they tend to be a bit rusty and do not wish to be interrogated by their teacher on their summer holidays for instance. In "The QualityTime-ESL Digital Resource Book"} you will learn how to get your students to rotate while doing oral activities, how to do written and oral exercises using intensive pair work, and how to inspire students to make their own films—that they might even upload to YouTube! Look at some sample documents by going to Study Plan for Day 1}

More than 1,500 files

There are more than 1,500 files on the DVD "The QualityTime-ESL Digital Resource Book"}. You are bound to find teaching materials for all levels from pre-intermediate (2 years of study) to almost fluent or nearly bilingual that will suit your students’ needs and motivations.


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