Video on the "Regeneration of Cells" with a Cloze Exercise (8:16)

"Regeneration of Cells"

I recommend this video for fairly advanced (B1 to C1) science and medical students (and others too).

"Regeneration of Cells"

Here is a cloze exercise (gap-filling) for lab or computer work by students. You can do it with the whole class together but it would be very time-consuming.

  • Cloze exercise
    Word - 42 kb
    Regeneration of Cells-Cloze MSWORD
  • Key
    Word - 45.5 kb
    Regeneration of Cells-Key MSWORD

Have the students do the cloze exercise before the actually watch the video. Stop it from time to time and let the students copare in pairs what they have been able to write down. You will perhaps need to play certain parts twice.

Below is an excellent presentation on the same topic at a TED Talks event:

Alan Russell on "Regenerating Our Bodies"

A Version With Closed-Captions

For a closed-caption version of this video with subtitles as well as the transcript, go to the page on TED on this talk.

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