10 Web Assignments for ESL Students

I suggest the following ten assignments plus an extra one. They can be done by lower intermediate to advanced students—in fact by all students at A2, B1, B2, C1 and even C2 levels. These assignments will help to develop spoken fluency and on top of it will interest the entire class.

The ten assignments

Please note it is best to do these assignments with a partner. This pairwork will teach you to coordinate with a teammate.

1. Choose a trailer and present the film using only the present tense; then supply a list of all the verbs used (in the infinitive); classmates will tell each other the story of the film.

2. Find the biography of a well-known person; prepare four slides to tell us about his life and his achievements; supply a list of all the verbs you used and have your classmates say what they learned about the person you chose using the past tenses of the given verbs.

3. Present an on-going project from the Web using four slides. Place only keywords and essential facts and figures on the slides. Give your presentation of the project without any notes.

4. Find an ESL website and tell us what have you learned and why you find the teaching worthwhile; choose an exercise for your classmates to do in class and conduct this exercise yourself.

5. Find a world trip on Google Earth; bring it to class and do the running commentary. (Be sure to send the script to your teacher before the class session.)

6. Find a slideshow (slideshow.com or the commoncraft.com); learn the commentary then bring the slides or the clip to class and do the off-voice on your own while the slideshow is running.

7. Prepare a ‘short’ Pecha Kucha: 10 slides, 20 seconds each, on a subject of your choice. (Find examples on the Internet to inspire you.)

8. Find interesting statistics on the Web; prepare four slides either with graphs you have found or some you created yourself.

9. Find a language exchange partner online; ask him/her to answer four questions about his/her country; illustrate the answers with photos he/she has sent you; present the four questions and answers to the class.

10. From a grammar point assigned by your teacher find a song clip using, for example, the “search program” of Google or Duck Duck Go. If the song does not have subtitles, copy the lyrics from a site checking that they are correct. Then mount them into the clip using the software available on dotsub.com.

An extra assignment to be done individually

Find a speaker at TEDTalks whom you consider inspiring. Learn by heart five minutes of the presentation. Come to class and be that person explaining the main ideas with the words of the presenter. (Try to imitate the pronunciation, intonation, and speaking skills of the person whose talk you have chosen.)

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