QT-ESL: Songs with subtitled lyrics (2)

After the success of my first page of video clips with closed captions in English, I am providing a second one. I suggest teachers use a song like those below with the lyrics—with perhaps a cloze exercise—at the end of the lesson after much work on (among other things) my grammar drills - QualityTime-ESL Podcasts.

Finding the lyrics

If you are looking for the lyrics of a song, just type in "lyrics" in the finder of a search engine plus the title of the song. You’ll find numerous sites providing the lyrics, which you can then copy into a file to create an exercise. Be sure to put the lyrics through a spell-checker as there are often spelling and other mistakes.

A student assigment

Teachers can ask their students as an assigment to choose their own video clips and bring them to class together with a gap-filling exercise.It is best to have checked the students’ work ahead of time to avoid mistakes. You can add notes (vocabulary or explanations).

At the bottom of this list there also some songs from cartoons like the Lion King.

More subtitled songs (with cloze exercises)

Subtitled Beatles songs

List Number 2 of Clips


Bohemian Rhapsody (version 1)

Bohemian Rhapsody (version 2)

We Are The Champions

I Want To Break Free (Wembley Concert 1986

I Want To Break Free (funny clip)

Those Were the Days of Our Lives

It’s a Hard Life

Don’t stop me nowe


Take my breath away

Christina Aguilera




Take A Bow

Bee Gees

How Deep is Your Love

  • Lyrics
    Word - 25 kb
    How Deep is Your Love

Too Much Heaven

  • Lyrics
    Word - 26 kb
    Too Much Heaven

Alexander Rybak - Eurovision Winner 2009 - Norway

Fairy Tale

  • Fairy Tale Cloze
    Word - 23 kb
    Fairy Tale Cloze
  • Fairy Tale Key
    Word - 23.5 kb
    Fairy Tale Key

Jˇhanna Gu­r˙n - Second in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 - Iceland

Is it True?



Iron Maiden

Rain Maker

Dixie Chicks

Cowboy Take Me Away


The Logical Song with Roger Hodgson

The Cure

This is a lie

Just Like Heaven



Little Respect

Victim of Love

The Beach Boys

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

David Bowie


There is also another page of "Subtitled songs" with exercises.

Men at Work



The Look

Gary Moore

Still Got The Blues

Foo Fighters

You are So Vain


Alice In Chains


The Lookk

The Statler Brothers

Flowers On The Wall


Lion King: Can you feel the love tonight?

Lion King: Be prepared

Melodies Of Life: Final Fantasy

You can also go to page one of "Subtitled songs" with exercises.

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