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This "digital" book contains a series of conversations with Marianne Raynaud, former Professor at INPG now a consultant on intensive pair work, the use of Information Technology in ESL and the great advantages of teamwork. Hyperlinks go from the book to some of the 1,500 files offered in the Document Annex. Thus it is easy for readers to see immediately the teaching materials Marianne Raynaud is referring to in the book.

In accordance with the idea of “expert systems”, which are intended to tap the “know-how” and “expertise” of highly experienced and motivated people, who after a long, successful career are near to or past retirement, Marianne Raynaud discusses the philosophy behind her well-known intensive course of English as a second language. She talks about her teaching principles and the techniques she has invented or developed over the years: core curriculum, tutorials, personalized interviews, teamwork, evaluation of oral skills, intensive pair work, inter-activity, review sheets, student film productions and much more...

This “self-help” book is full of ideas that should interest all teachers of foreign languages, whatever the language they teach. It will help them develop more effective and efficient teaching methods. The Document Annex on the DVD includes a catalog of 1,500 ready-to-use documents (exercises and keys) in A4 format, which teachers may photocopy and use directly in their classes. Some of these documents can even be “customized” to suit the needs of each institution. There are also samples of written work and PowerPoint presentations by students as well as video clips and even two 10-minute films written, directed and produced by Ms. Raynaud’s students. These films, made by 19 year old engineering students, are truly professional and very amusing indeed. They are parodies of popular TV shows or blockbuster films known worldwide.The examples of multimedia work shown on this DVD should motivate teachers and students alike around the world to carry out projects to be presented in their respective English classes.

On a second DVD there is a 50-minute film "Scenes from an ESL Classroom" showing how the different techniques described in this book are actually used in the classroom.

To purchase these two DVDs just go to the 2 DVDs (book & film).

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