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Marianne Raynaud taught English as a second language for more than thirty-five years. For the last twenty-four years of her career she worked at France’s largest technological university, INPG, winning the prestigious Palmes Académiques for innovations in teaching ESL. Since retiring from the university she has founded www.QualityTime-ESL.com and airs podcasts Better Speaking Skills and Your English on iTunes. She conducts TESOL workshops internationally. (TESOL stands for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.) Recently she led workshops in France and Spain as well as a two-day, ten-hour mini-conference in Poland. The response each time has been very enthusiastic. In her workshops Marianne shows photos and films of students interacting in the classroom as well as films made by the students themselves. Participants are given handouts full of exercises and activities they can immediately use in their courses.

Ways to increase individual student speaking time

In her workshops Marianne Raynaud demonstrates ways to increase the individual speaking time of students. Learning a language requires much oral practice, and teachers must make it possible for all students to get ample time to actually express themselves verbally in the language being taught. This can be done through exercises where the students can correct themselves or each other without the intervention of the teacher. Exercises must be motivating, self-evident in structure and adapted to different levels at the same time. They keys must be very clear. Moreover, activities should inspire students to do work on their own outside of class and then
come to class to give language “performances” they can be proud of.

Clips with students interacting

Marianne Raynaud shows video clips with students interacting using the exercises she demonstrates. Teachers then try out some of these exercises, as though they were students to see how learners react to them. Marianne Raynaud also shows films her students have made themselves—both short one-minute ads and much more ambitious ten-minute parodies of blockbusters. She believes you can teach by example, showing students what you expect of them. Very often work done by others will inspire students to do even better.

“A digital” resource book

Marianne Raynaud was born in Sweden, educated in the USA and now lives in Grenoble, France. She identifies as a citizen of the world. Marianne recently published a “digital” book entitled "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book". This book is intended to aid teachers and students with materials she developed for her two-year university course for science students, materials that have proven to be very effective. Her book is filled with unique ideas and motivating activities that will help all teachers of foreign languages to prepare stimulating classes.

Her philosophy and her techniques

In her book Marianne Raynaud details her philosophy and the techniques she has developed. The text is accompanied by a digital Document Annex—an extensive toolbox of teaching materials—that includes more than 1,500 ready-to-go files (MSWord, PDF, PPT, mp3 and video) to be used either for listening comprehension, speaking practice, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation or as examples of student work. PowerPoint presentations, essays, CVs or films by her students will inspire other students to do as well or even better. This detailed guide on a DVD will help teachers create a dynamic learning course to further the teaching of English. Chapters provide information about:

      • Individualizing teaching
      • Improving speaking skills
      • Encouraging creativity
      • Incorporating teamwork
      • Setting up a core curriculum
      • Helping students enjoy lab work
      • Inventing exercises that students need and want

Podcasts for lower intermediate to advanced students

Marianne Raynaud produces podcasts for lower intermediate to advanced students that are available free of charge on her website www.QualityTime-ESL.com. There are two series. The first series QualityTime-ESL Podcasts (called Better Speaking Skills on iTunes) consists of oral grammar drills intended to help students who have studied English for a number of years but still feel blocked when speaking English. The second series [“Your English Podcasts”-115] focuses on vocabulary acquisition. Scripts and worksheets for both these podcasts are available on her website www.QualityTime-ESL.com.

Brigitte Cassigneul

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