QT-ESL: ABBA Song Videos and Lyrics for Sing-Along!

You can become very good at English by learning by heart the lyrics to the songs of the Swedish group ABBA.

The name of the group "ABBA" is an acronym created from the first letter of each of the singers’ first names (Agnetha, Bj÷rn, Benny, Anni-Frid). They topped the charts worldwide from 1972 to 1982 and are still extremely popular today. I love them because of their music, not only because I am Swedish myself though I grew up in the U.S., and I can be proud of what they have accomplished. Their songs always make me feel happy.

Unfortunately, not all of these video clips have subtitles (though some do and I keep searching for more), but you’ll have a great time singing all together in class, or at home on your own with the lyrics!

N.B. I have just noticed that some of the videos with subtitles have been removed, which is such a pity since it is an enjoyable way to teach English! I will keep searching for more.

Click on the titles to watch the videos.


Dancing Queen-version 1976 with subtitles


Dancing Queen in Australia 1976

  • Lyrics
    Word - 25 kb
    Dancing Queen-Lyrics

Mamma Mia with subtitles

  • Lyrics
    Word - 28 kb
    Mamma Mia-Lyrics

Waterloo - the song that made ABBA world-famous by winning the Eurovision Song Contest

  • Lyrics
    Word - 23.5 kb

Knowing Me, Knowing You

  • Lyrics

Money Money Money

  • Lyrics
    Word - 25.5 kb
    Money Money Money-Lyrics


  • Lyrics
    Word - 27.5 kb

I have a Dream Or

I have a Dream

  • Lyrics
    Word - 23.5 kb
    I Have a Dream-Lyrics

Take a Chance On Me

  • Lyrics
    Word - 30.5 kb
    Take A Chance on Me-Lyrics

Thank You For The Music

  • Lyrics
    Word - 24.5 kb
    Thank Your For The Music-Lyrics


  • Lyrics
    Word - 25 kb

The Winner Takes It All Live 1980

  • Lyrics
    Word - 26.5 kb
    The Winner Takes It All-Lyrics

The Name of the Game

  • Lyrics
    Word - 30 kb
    The Name of the Game-Lyrics

Super Trouper

  • Lyrics
    Word - 30 kb
    Super Trouper-Lyrics

Hasta Ma˝ana Or

Hasta Ma˝ana

  • Lyrics
    Word - 24 kb
    Hasta Manana-Lyrics

Other songs by ABBA - I haven’t found the clips with subtitles yet

  • Knowing Me Knowing You

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