ESL Lesson Plan: Reviewing Numbers

  • To start off the year (or in fact at any time) we recommend you review numbers, which are especially relevant in business or when using the phone. and not only in the sciences
  • This worksheet can be used with any level from A2 to even C2.
  • The activity functions as pair work.
  • Give out the two pages (cf. PDF files below) to each pair of students but make sure they only look at one page at a time. When they are the "student" (marked in the upper right-hand corner), they will be reading the numbers aloud to their partner, the "student-teacher." The latter has all the figures written out in full as we say them and, thus, can guide and correct the "student."
  • The "student-teacher" should point on the "student’s" page to the figures that are to be read. The "student-teacher" can skip around. At halftime, you tell the students to switch papers and use the page corresponding to their role.

This activity takes about 20 minutes (10 minutes for each student to read off the numbers). You can return to it later in the year to see if the students have progressed.

Don’t be surprised to see smiles and hear laughter while they are going through this activity. Students will be making fun of their own mistakes, and that is the best way to learn and consequently overcome difficulties!

Basic Numbers Student Page

PDF - 46.1 kb
Basic Numbers Student PDF

Basic Numbers teacher Page

PDF - 50.9 kb
Basic Numbers Teacher PDF

Please note that "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book 2.0" contains at least one hundred pairwork activities plus "Back to the Basics series" where volume 1 is devoted to Pairwork Activities.

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