Steve Jobs - Commencement Speech at Stanford University in a video (subtitles) and in a DOC file

According to TED Talks—and I agree 100 percent—this is one of the best speeches to be found on the Web. You will see below a link to the video with subtitles in English and the full transcript. I recommend you use this inspiring video with your university or senior high school students.

Steve Jobs has always been one of my idols—ever since I saw the documentary film of him and his ’team’ of young researchers at Apple. ’In Search of Excellence’ shows him as an outstanding leader, director, coach, and even cheerleader for his troops. He was brilliant, and he knew how to bring out the brilliance in others. For over twenty years, we used this film in the ESL classes in two of the schools where I was head of the department. Our students had the opportunity to participate in marvelous role-play activities pretending they were all part of Steve Jobs’ company involved in changing the world and making people ’love’ computers. For that, I will always admire love my hero, Steve Jobs.
In my book "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book 2.0," I explain in detail how we exploited an extract of the video "In Search of Excellence" using an audio recording of the soundtrack and different role-play activities. There are clips of our students pretending to be members of Steve Jobs’ team in the Complete Package of the digital book as well as in the film I made called "Scenes from an ESL Classroom." Jobs experienced the ups and downs of life with both success and failure, but he was a visionary who made a mark in history.

Steve Jobs - Commencement Speech

Transcript of the speech in a DOC file

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Steve Jobs-Commencement Speech at Stanford

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