Parody - iPad 2 Review by Exkild

Exkild is a young Norwegian who speaks excellent English - a real model for English language learners all around the world.

His parody review of the iPad 2 is brilliant and makes me laugh every time I see it.

Here’s is how to use it for a language lesson.

  • Have the students watch the parody once.
  • Hand out the fill-in exercise.
    PDF - 62.9 kb
    iPad2 Parody-Fors & Overgaard-Fill Ins
  • Have the students do the fill in exercise while listening only to the soundtrack. (Adjust your computer to have only the sound.)
  • Have them compare what they have written with a neighbor.
  • Do a second listening.
  • Have the students check their work against the key.
    PDF - 47.7 kb
    iPad2 Parody-Fors & Overgaard-Key

(Hand out one key per pair and have them do intensive pair work, i.e. when one student in each pair is working as a teacher.)

  • Discussion time: in pairs or in threes have the students decide what makes it such a good parody. Before the discussion it is best to teach some words that might be useful for them such as humor, parody, understatement, irony, pun, exaggeration, comedy, sarcasm. I have an exercise to suggest for advanced students:
    PDF - 91.4 kb
    Humor-Matching Exercise
PDF - 70.2 kb
Humor-Matching Exercise Key
  • Have them report to the whole class about their conclusions.

Extra activity:

  • Assign a similar short film - a parody on a new gadget or tech device that everyone is familiar with.
  • Make sure the students send their scripts in to be corrected before they start the actual filming.
  • Set deadlines for the script, the filming and the final presentations in class.

Decide if you want the students to bring their work into class on a key or if they wish to post them on YouTube.

As an additional activity the students could search for film contests online and then submit their films.

Good luck! Enjoy and congrats to a future great film maker Exkild for inspiring us!


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