Your English 25 A Poem To Learn English (1)

Level: A2-C1

Goal: Learn many verb tenses and useful expressions through rhyme

I hope the recording of the 1st part of this poem with both a listen & repeat part and a continuous reading helps you to progress. I have seen students improve their speaking skills dramatically by learning poems by heart. The rhymes make it easier for learners to memorize the lines.

The poem (part 1) is found in the PDF below and also under the recording. For the other parts see podcasts 26 and 27. For the complete poem with the transcript go to podcast 28.

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Your English 25 "A Poem To Learn English (Part 1)"


MP3 - 8.3 Mb
Your English 25 A Poem To Learn English 1


PDF - 206.1 kb
Your English 25 A Poem To Learn English (Part 1)

A Poem To Learn English

(The words to be stressed are in bold in the PDF.)

Who am I, you ask and patiently wait
For me to explain my life and my fate
Well, for you, dear child, I’ll tell you a tale
You’ll forever recall every day without fail

With this story and all of the words that I choose
You’ll learn a language you never will lose
You’ll find out about all my joys and my pain
And my verse will echo in your mind once again

I come from a country where the flowers smell sweet
Where farmers give people fine crops they can eat
Where the sky is blue, the lakes pure and clear
The children play games with nothing to fear

The neighbors they hail you, “How are you today?”
“Are you happy, contented? Are you planning to stay?”
For this is a land where the people are free
The smiles on their faces is a joy to see

But it isn’t so easy to find this place in the sun
For this is where everyone is trying to come
You aren’t alone, and what you have you must share
Your time and your money plus all you can spare

(Continued in podcast No. 26.)

To get the scripts of the recordings go to Products Available at our Store).

For advice about the use of scripts for pair work in class, see Your English No. 1 and sample script.

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