Your English 35 End of the World (Part 2)

This recording is the continuation of Podcast No.34 and concerns the influence of the media on our lives. It deals with the story of the radio play by Orson Welles that made Americans believe Martians had come to make war on the world and the reactions of the population.

After the listen & repeat part, there are discussion questions that students can take down in dictation and then discuss in class.

Whatever the level of your students, this listening comprehension in two parts will help them learn useful structures and get them speaking.

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Your English 35: "End of the World" (Part 2


MP3 - 16.4 Mb
Your English 35: End of the World Pt2

For information about using this recording, go to "End of the World" - Listening Comprehension.

If at the end of all the work on this listening comprehension in two parts, you wish to have a more in-depth debate on this controversial topic you can have a look at the PDF below "Your English 35 What the media make us believe." These controversies are for discussion among advanced students, who are open-minded.

PDF - 104.4 kb
Your English 35 What medias make us believe


The transcript in DOC format is also to be found in the Pack of "Your English" scripts available in the store for a minimal fee.

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You can consult the transcripts, worksheets, oral exercises, and keys in the downloadable version of QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book 2.0. They are among the 1,500 files available in this digital book.

For advice about the use of scripts for pairwork in class, see Your English No.1 and the sample script.

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Your English 34: End of the World Pt1

2 October 2011
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