Your English 63 The /H/ Sound - A Poem

In this episode, we offer you a pronunciation guide based on a poem written by a friend and colleague Cordy Roe, who is an excellent teacher.

The letter “H” is difficult for learners as they don’t always know when it is a voiced consonant and when it is silent. The problem with the /H/ sound is that often the meaning is different depending on whether the /H/ is pronounced or not. So a mistake of this kind can lead to misunderstandings or make the person listening laugh at your sentence that may be pretty ridiculous.

If you want to say, “I like to breathe fresh air,” and you pronounce the /H/, people will think you are talking about the hair on someone’s head… as though you enjoy putting your nose in other people’s hair! So the following poem will help you overcome these difficulties.


Marianne Raynaud

Your English 63 The /H/ Sound - A Poem

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Your English 63 The /H/ Sound - A Poem

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