Scripts for All Podcasts Are Now Free

It is tough for everyone during the CODIV-19 containment period. So it is time to give yourself a challenge like improving your English. I’m sure you can do it!

That’s why I am offering ALL PODCAST SCRIPTS FREE OF CHARGE to students and teachers alike. Just write to me and tell me which podcasts you are interested in using.
Contact: marianne@qualitytime-esl.com

You can go to the different series given below and choose what grammar points or what themes would suit you the best.
You can share the scripts with friends, teachers, colleagues, fellow students.

OUR AUDIO PODCASTS to help you train and progress quickly!
Interactive Podcasts (A2-C1 and even beginners) available on this site and iTunes:

  • QualityTime-ESL Podcasts: oral grammar practice - The podcasts become more difficult as you advance
  • Your English: vocabulary, structures, LC, dialogues - You will find a variety of themes and activities
  • 5-minute TOPs: exercises with song lyrics - You can suggest songs we should work on
  • Essential English (For Beginners) Scripts & advice for teachers

Once you have made your choices from the lists above, it is easier or rather faster to download the podcasts from iTunes. Just type my name MARIANNE RAYNAUD in the finder.

Of course, I would appreciate a little positive feedback or some kind words - that’s all.
I enjoy communicating with learners and teachers from all over the world.

Have a productive and memorable day.