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Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud

Articles on ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching: workshops, conventions, techniques, teaching materials

Articles in this section

TESOL Workshops in Grenoble with Marianne Raynaud—published on the "Grenoble Life" Web site (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

TESOL workshops in Grenoble with Marianne Raynaud published on the "Grenoble Life" Web site with news about coming events

Intensive Pair Work Exercises (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

An article published in “Teaching Times”, the TESOL France magazine

TESOL Spain Convention March 7th-9th 2008 (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

A list of excellent speakers among which were David Crystal: The Future of Englishes & Language Play: from Scrabble to Babble, Ben Goldstein: The Image of English and Mark Hancock Enjoying Learning: Intrinsic Motivation in Adult ELT Classes and explanation of the handouts for Marianne Raynaud’s talk.

New Age Language Labs and Time Management Concerns in ESL Teaching (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

Language labs are the future! We could call them SPARCs instead to revamp the idea! They help with both oral practice and all types of language acquisition. Students will benefit from high sound quality and the opportunity to practice in private without feeling embarrassed by mistakes. Teachers will be able to give individual attention to students through tutorials, one-to-one sessions. The result will be better results in language teaching and far more creativity on the part of the students. Marianne Raynaud explains different ways of setting up a SPARC system.

Don’t Give Up On Your Audio Labs! (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

Reasons to keep an audio lab instead of replacing it by a multimedia lab. Ways to make great use of an audio language lab. Different activites to be used with an audio language lab that will increase "individual student speaking time" by individualizing or customizing teaching: tutorials (one-to-one sessions, interviews, oral tests). Voice-amplifying microphones in the headsets.

Learn Spanish on the Web (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

Dear friends of QualityTime-ESL, In another article I spoke of the great website Notes in Spanish with their podcasts for advanced and intermediate learners as well as their more recent inspired beginners series. Thanks to Ben Curtis and Marina Diez I have greatly improved my Spanish. I have (...)

Maximizing Student Speaking Time in Language Teaching (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

Become a better more effective teacher. Enjoy teaching more. Make your students speak English all the time in class. All this is possible if you change your teaching technique. Marianne explains her philosophy and the activties she uses in class. Most of them are very simple to implement and make a world of difference. SST (student speaking time) is a vital factor and you can improve the ration of SST(student speaking time) to TST (teacher speaking time). Tutorials in lab or computer rooms are explained.

The Sanako-Tandberg Language Lab: The Best Choice Ever! (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

When my school purchased a Tandberg-Sanako lab, I was able to change completely the way I teach and implement a far more effective program. I have never regretted my choice.

Teaching Students to Speak Correct English (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

Marianne Raynaud explains how to teach correct English usage and have students participate actively in class through pair work and adapted exercises with keys. She explains the reason for widespread passiveness and gives many strategies to overcome such difficulties and get the students talking ESL…correctly! She refers to Michel Swan’s recent plenary talk on teaching correct English usage at TESOL France’s colloquium in Paris 2008.

I Want to Learn to Speak English (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

For ESL/EFL learners/students who have a limited passive knowledge of English as a second language and want to be able to speak English correctly. Marianne recommends podcasts and books. Above all she gives advice about what to do to learn quickly to master the basics of spoken English: verbs, tenses, prepositions, contractions, gerunds and more.

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