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Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud

Articles on ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching: workshops, conventions, techniques, teaching materials

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For ESL/EFL Teachers—Starting the School Year or a New Term (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

How to plan an ESL/EFL course and provide information about the syllabus/curriculum. Teachers can easily make up customized/personalized bookets for their students using "The QualityTime-ESL Digital Resource Book". First day activities (pair work/group work) are suggested and teaching materials are provided.

Getting Your Students to Speak Only English (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

Marianne Raynaud talks about two ways to get your students to stop chatting in their native tongue and only speak English. Intensive pair work and tutorials i.e. one-to-one sessions change the class atmosphere entirely and make any activity a pleasure for both ESL/EFL students and teachers. This is a sure way to avoid discipline problems in English classes.

A Writing Project Turns into a Digital ESL Resource Book, a Website and a Series of Podcasts (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

This digital ESL resource book is Marianne Raynaud’s way of explaining her method and philosophy to young teachers wishing to adopt effective, dynamic teaching methods. She discusses curriculum, techniques and effective means to stimulate student motivation and get really positive results in spoken English.

41st Annual TESOL Convention, Seattle, Washington (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

Marianne Raynaud represented TESOL France as Affiliate Delegate at the 41st Annual TESOL Convention in Seattle, Washington, from March 20th-24th, 2007. She gave a presentation entitled “Student Films as a Memorable Linguistic Experience”. This is her report on the event.

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