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Below you will find the list of our "grammar" episodes

These interactive podcasts provide the learner with the opportunity to do the SPEAKING! with or without the scripts. You not only listen but also respond orally. This vocal training is an extremely effective way of reviewing for an oral or written exam and excellent preparation for a new course or an interview. These podcasts will help you gain confidence when "speaking" English, but remember you need to work regularly through the entire program from the easy episodes to the very challenging ones.

"QualityTime-ESL Podcasts" are of mixed levels:

Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate (PI-I: A2-B1); Intermediate (I: B1-B2); Intermediate to Advanced (I-A: B2-C1); Advanced (A: C1-C2)

Scripts, Worksheets, and Self-Tests

The first five podcasts of QualityTime-ESL Podcasts come with free scripts, worksheets plus a Self-Test. You can download a PDF file for mobile devices (scripts of five podcasts & Self-Test). For the scripts, worksheets and Self-Tests corresponding to the other podcasts, please go to the store.

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QualityTime-ESL Podcasts so far…

QT-ESL 0A "An Introduction to the Podcasts"

QT-ESL 0B "Podcasts - More Information" Text + recording

QT-ESL 1 "To Be" - All tenses - Free script

QT-ESL 2 "To Have" - All tenses - Free script

QT-ESL 3 "The Simple Present & the Simple Past" - Free script

QT-ESL 4 "The Simple Past Part 1" - Free script

QT-ESL 5 "The Simple Past Part 2" - Free script

QT-ESL 5.1 - SELF-TEST 1 - Parts 1 & 2 (Podcasts 1-5) - Free script

We offer the scripts and worksheets of the above episodes as free downloads. You can purchase the texts of other podcasts in PDF for mobile devices and PDF and DOC for use on computers at our store.

QT-ESL 6 "The Simple Past vs. the Present Perfect"

QT-ESL 7 "To Want Someone to Do Something"

QT-ESL 8 "To Expect Someone to Do Something"

QT-ESL 9 "Contractions"

QT-ESL 10 "Asking Questions1"

QT-ESL 10.1/2 - SELF-TEST 2 - Parts 1 & 2 (Podcasts 6-10)

QT-ESL 11 "Gerunds1"

QT-ESL 12 "Different Uses of the Present Tense Part 1"

QT-ESL 13 "Different Uses of the Present Tense Part 2"

QT-ESL 14 "Spelling"

QT-ESL 15 "Numbers"

QT-ESL 15.1/2 - SELF-TEST 3 - Parts 1 & 2 (Podcasts 11-15)

QT-ESL 16 "Simple Defectives Part 1"

QT-ESL 17 "Simple Defectives Part 2"

QT-ESL 18 "Make & Do Part 1"

QT-ESL 19 "Make & Do Part 2"

QT-ESL 20 "Make & Do Poems"

QT-ESL 20.1/2 SELF-TEST 4 - Parts 1 & 2 (Podcasts 16-20)

QT-ESL 21 "Must and Have to"

QT-ESL 22 "The Plural Form of Nouns"

QT-ESL 23 "Avoiding Frequent Mistakes" Part 1

QT-ESL 24 "Sound of the Letter -i- Part 1"

QT-ESL 25 "Sound of the Letter -i- Part 2"

QT-ESL 25.1/2 - SELF-TEST 5 - Parts 1 & 2 (Podcasts 21-25)

QT-ESL 26 "Comparatives 1"

QT-ESL 27 "Comparatives 2"

QT-ESL 28 "Avoiding Frequent Mistakes 2"

QT-ESL 29 "Asking Questions 2"

QT-ESL 30 "Gerunds 2"

QT-ESL 30.1/2 - SELF-TEST 6 - Parts 1 & 2 (Podcasts 26-30)

QT-ESL 31 "Compound Defectives"

QT-ESL 32 "Asking Questions 3"

QT-ESL 33 "To Like-Need Someone to Do Something"

QT-ESL 34 "Conditionals 1"

QT-ESL 35 "Superlatives 1"

QT-ESL 35.1/2 - SELF-TEST 7 - Parts 1 & 2 (Podcasts 31-35)

QT-ESL 36 "Superlatives 2"

QT-ESL 37 "Gerunds 3"

QT-ESL 38 "Prepositions"

QT-ESL 39 "Asking Questions 4"

QT-ESL 40 "Interested in & Used to"

QT-ESL 40.1/2 - SELF-TEST 8 - Parts 1 & 2 (Podcasts 36-40)

QT-ESL 41 "Wanna"

QT-ESL 42 "Would rather"

QT-ESL 43 "Gonna"

QT-ESL 44 "Had better"

QT-ESL 45 "Had Better" 2 (Advanced)

QT-ESL 45.1/2 - SELF-TEST 9 - Parts 1 & 2 (Podcasts 41-45)

QT-ESL 46 "Where"

QT-ESL 47 "What 1"

QT-ESL 48 "What 2"

QT-ESL 49 "Why 1"

QT-ESL 50 "Why 2 (Advanced)"

QT-ESL 50.1/2 - SELF-TEST 10 - Parts 1 & 2 (Podcasts 46-50)

QT-ESL 51 "Who - Whom - Whose"

QT-ESL 52 "For - Since - Ago Part 1"

QT-ESL 53 "For - Since - Ago Part 2"

QT-ESL 54 "Pronouncing Verbs in the Simple Past Tense" - Free chart

QT-ESL 55 "Pronouncing Verbs in the Simple Past Tense-Exercises" + Free chart

QT-ESL 55.1/2 - SELF-TEST 11 - Parts 1 & 2 (Podcasts 46-50)

QT-ESL 56 "Much vs. Many" (B1-C1)

QT-ESL 57 "A Little/A Few/A Lot of" (B1-C1)

QT-ESL 58 "Little/Few vs A Little/A Few" (B1-C1)

QT-ESL 59 "Either/Or vs. "Neither/Nor 1" (B2-C1)

QT-ESL 60 "Either/Or vs. "Neither/Nor 2" (B2-C1)

QT-ESL 60.1 & 60.2- SELF-TEST 12 - Parts 1 & 2

QT-ESL 61 "Irregular Verbs Group 1" (A2-B1)

QT-ESL 62 "Contractions 1" (A2-B1)

QT-ESL 63 "Irregular Verbs Group 2" (A2-B1)

QT-ESL 64 "Contractions 2" (A2-B2)

QT-ESL 65 "Irregular Verbs Group 3" (A2-B2)

QT-ESL 66 "Phrasal Verbs Introduction-1" (A2-B2)

QT-ESL 67 "Irregular Verbs Group 4A"

QT-ESL 68 "Phrasal Verbs Introduction 2"

QT-ESL 69 "Irregular Verbs Group 4B"

QT-ESL 70 "Phrasal Verbs - Look"

QT-ESL 71 "Irregular Verbs Group 5"


To get the scripts and worksheets for all the episodes of "QualityTime-ESL Podcasts" together with those of "Your English" and "5-Minute TOPs" go to the store.


Articles in this section

QT-ESL 05 Simple Past (Part 2) Free script & Worksheet (QT-ESL Podcasts)

Free oral exercises (drills) to practice the simple past of irregular verbs intended for ESL/EFL courses where the emphasis is on learning how to "speak" English correctly.

Scripts for All Podcasts Are Now Free (QT-ESL Podcasts)

Marianne Raynaud is offering all the scripts of her podcasts free of charge during the CODIV-19 pandemic.

QT-ESL 04 Simple Past (Part 1) Free script & Worksheet (QT-ESL Podcasts)

Oral exercises/drills to work on the Simple Past in ESL/EFL courses to help students learn to SPEAK English-courses in spoken communication skills. This is another episode in our QualityTime-ESL series to help you work on the simple past.

QT-ESL 02 "To Have" - All Tenses - Free script & Worksheet (QT-ESL Podcasts)

Oral exercises (drills) with the verb "To Have" for ESL/EFL/ELT courses in spoken English (A1-B1).

QT-ESL 03 Simple Present & Simple Past - Free script & Worksheet (QT-ESL Podcasts)

Oral exercises/drills and a worksheet to work on the Simple Present versus the Simple Past in ESL/EFL courses to help students learn to SPEAK correct English-courses in communication skills/spoken language

QT-ESL 0A An Introduction to the Podcasts (QT-ESL Podcasts)

This introduction to the "QualityTime-ESL Podcasts" explains the objectives of the author and explains to learners how to use these podcasts. Worksheets, scripts, and self-tests are available on the www.QualityTime-ESL.com website.

QT-ESL 0B "Podcasts - More Information" (QT-ESL Podcasts)

The reason behind these QualityTime-ESL grammar oriented podcasts: the idea here is to "speak" the answers instead of writing them. Best way to learn to communicate correctly with English speaking people. The method is free and produced by Marianne Raynaud, formerly head of one of the language departments at INPG.

QT-ESL 71 Irregular Verbs Group 5 (QT-ESL Podcasts)

Intensive practice with irregular verbs as preparation for the story "Was It Love?" which includes more than 140 irregular verbs — nearly all of them!

QT-ESL 70 Phrasal Verbs - Look (QT-ESL Podcasts)

With this podcast, we are continuing our series of episodes on the "phrasal verbs." This time the verb "look." These podcasts are intended for students with a high level of English as phrasal verbs can at times be tricky to learn.

QT-ESL 68 Phrasal Verbs Introduction 2 (QT-ESL Podcasts)

We continue our introductory study of "phrasal verbs." These podcasts are intended for students with a high level of English (at least as far as writing is concerned) as phrasal verbs can at times be tricky to learn.