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Learning to Change-Changing to Learn (5:36) (Teacher Training)

Pedagogy experts from around the world explain how teachers should adapt to a new way of learning through technology. Our students will have professions that have not even been invented as yet. To prepare them we should give them skills that will enable them to be communicate and be creative. (...)

Twitter in the classroom (Teacher Training)

High schoolers at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis, Minn. are being engaged in the classroom in a whole new way. By using social media tools and giving them access to the Internet, students are able to learn in different ways. Having discussions about their English class online has increased their level of attention and engagement in their studies.

The ESL "Casino Wheel" Speaking Drill (Teacher Training)

A demonstration by a young Scottish ESL/EFL teacher. She says, "This is a method I use to get my young learners, especially my upper-primary and middle school kids using English in the classroom.

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