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The Digital ESL Resource Book 2.0 (QualityTime-ESL 2.0)

Presentation of "The Digital Resource Book" by Marianne Raynaud

Table of Contents - “QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book” (QualityTime-ESL 2.0)

Table of Contents of “QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book”

How the Hyperlinks Function (QualityTime-ESL 2.0)

An explanation of how the hyperlinks work.

Information for ESL Directories: Free Listening & Speaking Practice (QualityTime-ESL 2.0)

Marianne Raynaud has written a digital resource book for ESL/EFL teachers. She also airs two series of podcasts Better Speaking Skills and Your English on iTunes. Her book will help teachers develop more stimulating and effective classes. Her podcasts are aimed at people who have the basic vocabulary and grammar but have difficulty speaking English.

Advantages of the Digital ESL Resource Book (QualityTime-ESL 2.0)

Marianne Raynaud has put together a “Digital ESL Resource Book” for English teachers and students on a DVD with numerous teaching materials, keys, recordings, PowerPoint presentations, films and even examples of student work.

The "QualityTime" Concept in ESL (QualityTime-ESL 2.0)

The "QualityTime-ESL" way of teaching is explained through pictures i.e. a PowerPoint presentation. The concept is based on the idea of increasing the individual speaking time of learners through dynamic teaching materials, intensive pair work, one-to-one tutorials, thorough and stimulating lab programs, effective oral presentations and frequent oral evaluation.

More About this Digital Book (QualityTime-ESL 2.0)

This "digital" book contains a series of conversations with Marianne Raynaud, former Professor at INPG now a consultant on intensive pair work, the use of Information Technology in ESL and the great advantages of teamwork. Hyperlinks go from the book to some of the 1,500 files offered in the Document Annex.

Effectiveness of QT-ESL Exercises (QualityTime-ESL 2.0)

Marianne Raynaud explains why she believes her exercises to be truly effective.

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