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Testimonials from Colleagues&Students

Colleagues speak about how Marianne’s work has had a hugely positive influence on their careers. They say her way of thinking and working contributed substantial improvements to their teaching.

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Anna Jeannesson
Penelope Moffatt
Grace Willson
Testimonials from Internet Colleagues

Numerous former students have contacted Marianne Raynaud over the years to say how much they appreciated her course and how essential it was to keep up this type of teaching.

Marianne’s Students Write to Her

Articles in this section

Marianne’s Students Write to Her (Testimonials from Colleagues&Students)

Many of Marianne Raynaud’s students have written to say how her course influenced their lives. Here are a short selection.

Testimonials from Internet Colleagues (Testimonials from Colleagues&Students)

Testimonials from teachers who are currently using Marianne Raynaud’s materials in their courses.

From Grace Willson (Testimonials from Colleagues&Students)

Grace Wllson,one of Marianne’s former colleague explains why the Raynaud Course course became so famous.

From Penelope Moffatt (Testimonials from Colleagues&Students)

Penelope Moffatt, a former colleague of Marianne Raynaud speaks of all the things she learned from working with the latter.

From Anna Jeannesson (Testimonials from Colleagues&Students)

Anna Jeannesson considers Marianne Raynaud to be by far the most important influence in the way she teaches today and the main reason for her high marks at the CAPES teaching exam.

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