What Users Say about Marianne’s Book, Packs & Booklets

The enthusiasm for our products has pleased us immensely. Here are some of the spontaneous comments we have been receiving from teachers:

A 3-year-old boy is starting to repeat your lessons!

I will be happy to recommend your website to my Literacy Volunteers organization! I will recommend them because I really think your ESL methods are excellent, and my students look forward to working with them. You might like to know that one of my students plays your lessons on an MP3 that is hooked up to a speaker and her 3-year-old boy is starting to repeat your lessons!

Barbara L., ESL tutor in Florida, USA

A true focus on what students really need

QualityTime-ESL: The digital Resource Book is excellent—so well conceived with a true focus on what students really need. Not only that: it is full of practical ideas that can be used immediately. It is very generous of you to share your thoughtfulness and experience so readily.

Sylvia Davidson, ESL tutor in Paris, France

Thanks for sharing this precious body of work

I stumbled into your site by accident and was so taken by some of the things I read there. I also have been tied into the "readings with vocabulary" approach, and the most common feedback I get from students is "more speaking practice, please." I work with a very different profile student than your university engineering students, but in small steps I hope to introduce these materials, adapting them to our needs.

Many thanks again for sharing this precious body of work.

D.K. ESL Instructor, State University of New York-SEOC, USA

The pair work worksheets are perfect

I came across the Quality Time website by chance. I think it’s brilliant! I have an advanced class right now and the pair work worksheets in "Back to the Basics - Volume 1" are perfect. I’ll certainly recommend them and your site too.

G.B. ESL tutor in Grenoble, France

Thanks for making your life’s work open and available

Hi Marianne,

We just finished two excellent lab sessions working with "When the Iceberg Arrived." The first listening stimulated much discussion and comment. (One student thought it might be easier to tow Saudi Arabia to the iceberg!!) The next session of listen-and-repeat and some gap-filling was also lively and productive. I, too, see the benefit in memorization (not a popular stance these days). My students, unlike yours, have low levels of prior education. I’m building basic academic skills in the context of teaching English.

My fellow teacher has started using the QualityTime-ESL podcasts with her beginners’ class, and she loves them.

Thanks again for making your life’s work open and available for the benefit of teachers everywhere. We hope your current activities are going well.

D.R. and friends, USA

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