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You want to SPEAK English correctly. We have a SOLUTION.
Practice with these FREE ORAL EXERCISES.
Work hard and train your English like a sport.
Our SCRIPTS for the podcasts are here to help you if you have difficulties.
You will soon speak correctly and understand others easily when they express themselves in English. (Click on the links below.)

Interactive Podcasts (A2-C1 and even a few for beginners):

Another possibility is to use these RSS feeds:

You can also find these podcasts on iTunes by typing my name "Marianne Raynaud." But the podcasts are listed starting with the most difficult or the most popular.

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Use the podcasts above in your teaching as classwork, individual work with smartphones, or as oral homework.

Use the study plans on this site with the free materials provided.

Learn how to use podcasts in your teaching.

Use and promote our learning poems:

Read the articles with suggestions about teaching “SPOKEN” English effectively.

Purchase “The Digital Resource book” with 200 pages of explanations and 3,000 pages, giving you listening comprehension and written exercises, keys for pairwork, quizzes, assignments, tests, songs, and more. The price: 29.99 euros.

Write to me with ideas we could develop together.


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Cover of QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book 2.0

The new version of our digital resource book is available as a download.

The COMPLETE VERSION of QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book is now available as three zip files that comprise The COMPLETE PACKAGE 2.0.

You receive BY EMAIL links to three zips: one with the book and its Document Annex and two others with clips and films previously only on the DVD.

You will see students using QualityTime-ESL materials and activities in the classroom and hear them speak English. These techniques and exercises will help learners reach proficiency in speaking with only 90 hours of teaching.

This new-style resource manual Is a guidebook that explains how to use the materials in the accompanying Annex.

The Document Annex is composed of over 1,500 unique files to help dedicated teachers develop effective courses. The DOC, PDF, MP3, and PPT files let you customize exercises and activities, both innovating and personalizing your program. It’s like getting free access to an experienced teacher’s computer!

Price: €24.99 (**Money back guarantee). Read more… or order from the store.

Instead of a standard ebook, you will get a mini-website with this digital resource book that enables you to make your own booklets and set up effective programs.

You can choose to buy only QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book 2.0, the manual with the accompanying Document Annex containing the 1,500 files. You can purchase the ZIP files with the clips and films later on.

Price: €19.99 (**Money back guarantee). Order from the store.


To succeed in IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC or CAMBRIDGE FIRST/PROFICIENCY exams while improving your speaking skills, you can use:

DIRECT LINKS: Songs, Lesson Plans,Videos for ESL Teaching, Idea Pages, and the Film: Students of CPP-Classe Prepa INPG


*Back to the Basics Series (3 ready-to-print pamphlets with exercises, keys, audio files, PPTs, and advice for teachers)

*Packs of podcast scripts for smartphones (PDFs) and teachers (DOCs)

The meaning of the term: QualityTime-ESL

"QualityTime" is an allusion to a term often used by busy Americans to refer to those precious moments we spend with our children when they are growing up. Read more…

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