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Your English podcasts are free English lessons with oral drills that will improve your spoken English dramatically—because they are "interactive," i.e., they will make you speak English!

Remember that doing these drills orally in real-time is far more difficult than doing the same work either by reading or writing a text or doing a written exercise. We guarantee that learners will make progress if they do the podcasts seriously and "speak" their answers. Scripts are avaîlable (cf. the bottom of the page).

In some cases, there are sentences or phrases to repeat, and in others, you have to complete or transform the sentences after hearing a stimulus. You are given the right answer immediately after the blank so you can instantly check your progress. Some episodes have debate questions you can practice on your own and then use with your classmates or friends in English class!

Your English Podcasts are of mixed levels:

to Intermediate (PI-I: A2-B1), Intermediate (I: B1-B2), Intermediate to
Advanced (I-A: B2-C1), Advanced (A: C1-C2). For explanations: CEFR
Intermediate (I: B1-B2); Intermediate to Advanced (I-A: B2-C1); Advanced (A: C1-C2)

The scripts and exercises of podcasts 1-5 are free—plus others.

The teacher’s version of our podcasts comes with oral and written worksheets, suggested activities, and assignments (for some of the episodes). Most materials come in PDF and in DOC to allow customizing. These heavy zips available in our store] should be opened with 7-zip software available free from 7-zip.org.

PDF file for mobile devices

We have now included PDF files with the scripts for mobile devices. They can be downloaded directly at the store] for a minimum fee. The ones associated with the first five podcasts are free. Go to the page of Your English 01 "Introducing Myself" to find them. Learners should consult the scripts only if necessary.

Your English 01 "Introducing Myself" (PI-I: A2-B1) - Free transcript

Your English 02 "My Life" (PI-I: A2-B1) - Free transcript

Your English 03 "My Day" (PI-I: A2-B1) - Free transcript

Your English 04 "My Family" (PI-I: A2-B1 - Free transcript

Your English 05 "Small Talk 1" (PI-I: A2-B1 - Free transcript

Your English 06 "Small Talk 2" (PI-I: A2-B1)

Your English 07 "An Oral Exam 1" (I: B1-B2)

Your English 08 "An Oral Exam 2" (I: B1-B2)

Your English 09 "An Oral Exam 3" (I: B1-B2)

Your English 10 "Practicing Numbers 1" (I: B1-B2)

Your English 11 "A Job Interview 1" (I-A: B2-C1)

Your English 12 "A Job Interview 2" (I-A: B2-C1)

Your English 13 "Pronouncing English Words You Already Know" (PI-I: A2-B1)

Your English 14 "I live in France" (I: B1-B2)

Your English 15 "My Vacation" (I: B1-B2)

Your English 16 "A Doctor Speaks About Herself 1" (I: B1-C1)

Your English 17 "A Doctor Speaks About Herself 2" (I: B1-C1)

Your English 18 "Honesty 1" (I-A: B1-C1) FREE DOCUMENTS

Your English 19 "Honesty 2" (I-A: A2-C1) FREE DOCUMENTS

Your English 20 "Simple Questions 1" (I: A2-B1)

Your English 21 "Tennis Stars Meet The Press" (I: B1-C1)

Your English 22 "Songs by ABBA 1" (I: A2-C1)

Your English 23 "Iceberg Project 1" (I: A2-C1) FREE DOCUMENTS

Your English 24 "Iceberg Project 2" (I: A2-C1) FREE DOCUMENTS

Your English 25 "A Poem To Learn English 1" (I-A: A2-C1) FREE SCRIPT

Your English 26 "A Poem To Learn English 2" (I-A: A2-C1) FREE SCRIPT

Your English 27 "A Poem To Learn English 3" (I-A: A2-C1) FREE SCRIPT

Your English 28 "A Poem To Learn English" - All SCRIPT + EXERCISES

Your English 29 "World Geography Quiz 1" (I-A: A2-C1)

Your English 30 "Getting To Know You-1" (I: A2-B2)

Your English 31 "Twitter Language 1" (I: A2-B2)

Your English 32 "Twitter Language 2" (I: A2-B2)

Your English 33 "Twitter Language 3" (I: A2-B2)

Your English 34: "The End of the World Pt1" (I: A2-C1)

Your English 35: "The End of the World Pt2" (I: A2-C1)

Your English 36: "Twitter Language 4" (I: B1-C2)

Your English 37: "Simple Past Tense Poem" (I: A2-C1)

Your English 38: "First Solar-Powered Car Pt 1" (I: A2-C1)

Your English 39: "First Solar-Powered Car Pt 2" (I: A2-C1)

Your English 40: "Presentation Language 1" (I: A2-C1)

Your English 41: "Phrasal Verbs 1" (I-A: B1-C1)

Your English 42: "Phrasal Verbs 2" (I-A: B1-C1)

Your English 43: "Lindbergh Accomplishes a Feat Pt1" (I: A2-C1)

Your English 44: "Lindbergh Accomplishes a Feat Pt2" (I: A2-C1)

Your English 45: "Poem: A Reason For Living" (I: A2-C1) FREE SCRIPT

Your English 46: "Action Words for CVs" (I: B1-C1) FREE CHART

Your English 47: "Action Words for CVs-Oral Exercises 1" (I: B1-C1)

Your English 48: "Action Words for CVs-Oral Exercises 2" (I: B1-C1)

Your English 49: "Inventing a Solar Pump Part 1" (I-A: B1-C1)

Your English 50: "Inventing a Solar Pump Part 2" (I-A: B1-C1)

Your English 51: "Calling about Internship 1" (I-A: B1-C1)

Your English 52: "Calling about Internship 2" (I-A: B1-C1)

Your English 53: "Attractions and Landmarks in NYC" (-AI: B1-C1)

Your English 54: "More Attractions in NYC" (I-A: B1-C1)

Your English 55: "Top US TV Shows" (I-A: B1-C1)

Your English 56: "Awesome Vacation" (I-A: B1-C1)

Your English 57: "Being Polite 1" (I: A2-B2)

Your English 58: "Being Polite 2" (I: A2-B2)

Your English 59: "Passive Voice in Scientific English 1" (I-A: A2-C1)

Your English 60: "Passive Voice in Scientific English 2" (I-A: A2-C1)

Your English 61: "Language Snobbism" (I: A2-B2)

Your English 62: "Computer Vocabulary" (I: A2-B2)

Your English 63: "The H Sound-A Poem" (I: A2-B2)

Working Actively with Irregular Verbs-Explanations, Scripts, and Chart

Your English: Irregular Verbs in the story "Was It Love?" (I: A2-B2)

Your English 64: "Was It Love?" Irregular Verbs (I: A2-B2) SCRIPT & CHART

Your English Study Program for “Was It Love?" (I: A2-B2)

The Story "Was It Love?

Your English 65: "Was It Love?" Pt 1-Grps 1+2 (I: A2-B2)

Your English 66: "Was It Love?" Pt 2-Grps 1+2 (I: A2-B2)

Your English 67: "Was It Love?" Pt 3-Grps 3+4 (I: A2-B2)

More to come very soon! For a while, we couldn’t continue but now we can.

"Your English" scripts

The first five scripts of our podcasts in our series Your English Podcasts," "QualityTime-ESL Podcasts," and "5 Minute TOPs" are free on this site. So are specific narratives in the section Lesson Plans.

You can buy additional written materials:

We are convinced that if learners work on ALL the podcasts of our series, they will make exceptional progress in spoken English.

QualityTime-ESL Podcasts

Go to a different page for QualityTime-ESL Podcasts.

Articles in this section

Your English 66 “Was It Love?” Pt 2 (Your English Podcasts)

We are now continuing our ESL “Irregular Verb Challenge," which means we are going to produce a story "Was It Love?" in episodes that will include all the 140+ Irregular verbs that students often find tiresome to learn.

Your English: Study Program for “Was It Love?" (Your English Podcasts)

We have devised a plan to help you take advantage of this story“ Was It Love?" by Marianne Raynaud at QuaityTime-ESL.com and actually master irregular verbs in English.

Your English 64 "Love" & Irregular Verbs (Your English Podcasts)

Irregular verbs are essential. Learning to use them can help you improve your level of spoken English dramatically. In this podcast, we explain their importance and provide you with a method to learn them. We give you a short oral test to evaluate your level, and we introduce the story "Was It Love?" that will consist of more than ten different episodes. It will include 140+ irregular verbs!

Your English 62 Computer Vocabulary (Your English Podcasts)

Marianne Raynaud provides oral exercises to practice the correct pronunciation of technical words in English.

Your English 61 Language Snobbism (Your English Podcasts)

In this episode, Marianne Raynaud suggests we all become "language snobs" to help each other learn foreign languages. The idea amounts to pronouncing "borrowed" words as they are spoken in their language of origin. That is the case in Sweden where using foreign words correctly does not make you a snob. It is more a way of showing respect for other languages besides our own.

Your English 60 Passive Voice in Scientific English (2) (Your English Podcasts)

More practice with the passive voice (in the simple past tense) with some vital "semi-scientific" vocabulary that you will find in science papers, articles, advertisements, and everyday conversation.

Your English 59 Passive Voice in Scientific English (1) (Your English Podcasts)

Practice the passive voice (in the present perfect and present tenses) with some vital "semi-scientific" vocabulary that you find in science papers, articles, advertisements, and everyday conversation.

Your English 58 Being Polite (2) (Your English Podcasts)

This podcast helps you be more polite when speaking English. We work on using "please," "would," "could," "do you mind," and "would you mind." Oral exercises train you to master structures and use them spontaneously. The target level is A2 to B2. Take advantage of this opportunity to have your very own personal language trainer!

Your English 55 Top US TV Shows (Your English Podcasts)

In this episode, we will practice our English with the titles of such shows through listen-and-repeat sequences and other exercises.

Your English 53 Attractions and Landmarks in NYC (Your English Podcasts)

If you are talking about New York (NYC) because you have been there, are planning to visit or are simply interested in big cities around the world, you should learn how to say the names of these main attractions.

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